C.S.T. Season Service Pvt. Ltd. was formed on 2010 A.D. as one of the Nepalese manpower recruiting agency in Nepal. The licence registration no. of the company is 912/067/068 issued simultaneously under the Goverment of Nepal, ministry of Labour. Since its inception, it has been standing one of the leading reputed agencies by its quality service to overseas clients as well as Nepalese workers. It has a capacity of providing all kinds of Skilled, Semiskilled and Unskilled labour according to the need of employers companies.


To provide skilled manpower to a foreign employment company and provide information about employment opportunities abroad to unemployed Nepalese youths.

To provide job opportunities in the countries permitted by the Nepalese goverment.

To settle contracts with foreign goverment, various organizations, industries and foreign agent companies, etc. for providing employment to Nepalese citizens.

To recruit skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers for various countries.


Nepalese workers are hard working, punctual, loyal and have high sense of responsiblity and discipline.

Wide choice of manpower due to availablity of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers almost in all fields and vocations.

Are cost-effective and the hiring cost is lower.Are experienced in working in the extreme all types of climatic conditions.Are peace loving and loyal to their employers.Procedures and formalities are simple.

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